wetting stone Sprinkling grit on stone Graining stone with the levigator Fanning the stone dry
Blotting the stone dry with clean newsprint Checking if the stone is leveled with a telephone book page Rosin and Talc stone Making and stirring etch
Pouring etch on the non image area Buff gum into the stone with cheesecloth Remove drawing material with varsol Buff in asphaltum with paper towel or rag
Remove asphaltum with damp paper towel Roll ink on the image and sponging in between Draw a T mark on the centre of the leading edge Setting the kiss pressure
Set press travel to ensure you begin and end in the right spot Using the sheet of mylar you created for registration Remove asphaltum from non image area Charge roller on ink slab(6 passes)
Roll ink over image(this is called a pass) Do 3 proofs on newsprint, then put down editioning paper Applying pressure for newsprint Remove lithograph from stone surface